5 Myths About Home Heating and Cooling Systems

Indianapolis homeowners deserve to save money and operate their home heating and cooling systems efficiently. Gas, grocery, and home prices are high enough without worrying about energy costs, too. That being said, some people have false notions about what saves energy costs and increases efficiency. For this reason, Oakland Heating and Air LLC covers the top five myths about HVAC systems to spill the truth once and for all.

5 Myths About Home Heating and Cooling Systems

1. Closing Vents Saves Money

When it comes to home heating and cooling systems, this is a longstanding myth. Many people believe closing vents and doors to unused rooms improves efficiency and saves money. However, this isn’t true. Instead, closing vents makes the heating system work harder, due to blocking air flow. Remember, these systems are designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the entire space. Thus, closing vents results in the system using more energy to distribute heat evenly.

2. Changing Air Filters Annually Is Sufficient

It’s amazing how many people falsely believe this myth and only change their filters in the fall. The best thing you can do to keep home heating and cooling systems operating effectively and efficiently is to change the filter regularly. Dirty filters create more HVAC issues than nearly anything else, yet they’re the easiest to maintain and replace. In reality, you should change your filter monthly. In fact, not doing so can eventually lead to complete system failure, which means big out-of-pocket expenses for you. 

3. Running Air Conditioners Too Long Costs Too Much Money

Air conditioners consume more energy in their first few minutes than they do for the next 30. For this reason, a consistently running air conditioner consumes less energy than one that starts and stops repeatedly. Now, if the air conditioner runs 24/7, it may not be big enough to cool the home. On the other hand, it may be too big for the home if it stops and repeatedly starts within an hour. Moreover, excessive starting and stopping puts too much of a load on the compressor, resulting in air conditioner repairs. To avoid all these things, make sure your system is effectively sized and designed for your home’s footprint. 

4. Servicing the HVAC System Is a Waste of Money

When you schedule annual maintenance, you gain confidence and ensure maximum system optimization and operation. System maintenance decreases wear and tear, avoids bigger system repairs, and extends the life of the system. 

5. Placing Thermostats Anywhere Works Equally Well

Home heating and cooling systems rely on the thermostat’s accuracy, and where the thermostat is placed is important. For instance, placing a thermostat above a vent, in direct sunlight, on an exterior wall, or in an unused room can give inaccurate readings. For the best results, place the thermostat in a well-used room that is centrally located in the house and away from the things we just mentioned.

Save Money, Improve Efficiency

Hopefully, you’ll find these myth busters helpful. They should help you gain HVAC system efficiency. As always, when your Indianapolis or Carmel HVAC system has issues, call Oakland Heating and Air at (317) 987-6002 to schedule an appointment. 

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