Have You Scheduled Spring Maintenance with an HVAC Professional?

As spring arrives and summer approaches, homeowners in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and Indianapolis, IN, enjoy longer days and warmer weather. However, their smiles fade when they turn on the AC unit and nothing happens. Their faded smiles shift to disappointment and frustration when an HVAC professional can’t fit them into their schedule soon enough. Avoid this challenge you proactively schedule system maintenance with Oakland Heating and Air LLC. Here is what you can expect during your service appointment.

Schedule Spring Maintenance with an HVAC Professional

1. We Thoroughly Clean Your System

Seasonal maintenance should be performed on furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners in order to avoid costly repairs later. In the spring, our seasonal maintenance focus is on air conditioning units. The first task is cleaning the unit so that we can take a good look at the system. In addition to a clean unit being easier to inspect, it also helps ensure system performance. In fact, many systems cool inefficiently or even malfunction as a result of things like a dirty evaporator coil. Clogs in drains, lines, and evaporator pans also take away from system performance and efficiency and cause additional challenges. This is why we begin by cleaning the AC unit and cooling components thoroughly prior to inspection.


2. We Provide a Thorough Inspection

Once your system is clean, your HVAC service provider will complete the AC unit inspection and also inspect your furnace, ductwork, and other system elements. The inspection includes observing for any structural integrity issues, such as warping, cracks, excess moisture, leaks, and even erosion. 

3. We Check Your Electrical Components

The electrical components of your HVAC system communicate with one another. Effective connectivity and communication equal effective performance. Therefore, the technician checks all wiring for the AC unit and thermostat for proper connection. In addition, they inspect circuit boards and capacitors, and replace any degraded wires and fix loose connections. 

4. We Perform Testing

Once the technician cleans, inspects, and makes adjustments to your system, they will then test the system. During testing, the HVAC professional checks the coolant level, monitors safety controls, and observes the cycle time. If any issues occur with the compressor system, safety measures, power, or other system components, your tech will let you know. Ideally, your system will be responsibly maintained and ready for the season. If not, you will be in a position to be proactive and understand your options. 

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Now

Oakland proudly serves Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas. Call today at (317) 987-6002 to schedule your system spring maintenance, or for any other HVAC needs. You can also request a quote online, and one of our experts will respond to your inquiry. 


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