Time to Think About Spring Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning System

Spring is here and it’s almost that fleeting time of the year when you don’t need to run either your furnace or your air conditioning. You can open your windows and enjoy the warm, fresh air as you prepare for much warmer months ahead. Now is the time to plan for the maintenance of your air conditioning system if you haven’t done so already. Here we will talk about how Oakland Heating and Air LLC can provide your seasonal maintenance, leaving you with an honest assessment of your system.

Air conditioning maintenance and repair

What Does Preventive Maintenance Include?

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system will include a thorough cleaning, inspection, and testing of every component of the system. Our professional service technicians will look for cracks, warping, and other reduced structural integrity and functioning signs. They will then thoroughly wash the outdoor unit clean to remove any accumulated dust and debris so the coil can operate effectively. At the end of the appointment, you will receive a full report detailing the status and performance of your HVAC system.

What If You Need a Repair?

If your air conditioning system requires a repair, then you will get exactly that from us; not a recommendation to replace the whole system unnecessarily. We’ve heard many stories about our customers previously being told they needed to replace their entire system when all that they truly needed was just a part. At Oakland, we commit to full disclosure, honesty, and transparency with each of our valued customers. We will honestly tell you your options, whether it be for repair or replacement.

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance

There are many ways you can repair your system or replace a part to extend its lifespan, so long as you stay up to date on your seasonal maintenance. Oakland recommends taking advantage of our seasonal maintenance program to ensure your system’s optimal performance throughout the year. Contact us at (317) 987-6002 to schedule maintenance or request a quote online now. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, including Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and beyond.

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